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Cheap V For Vendetta Anonymous Hat

-100% felt
-Hand Wash
-Black felt hat with black decorative band
-Elastic head band gives a firm and comfortable fit
-Look to rubies for all your character accessory needs
-Officially licensed v for vendetta product
-Rubies costume company is a family owned business based in new york with more than 60 years of experience bringing children and adults the costumes and accessories they want to halloween and year-round dress up

Product Description
This black felt hat features a decorative band and looks just like the one in the movie A world-leader in the creation of costumes, make up and accessories, rubie's costume company is a family-owned and run business based in new york state, With more than 60 years experience and the largest selection, rubie's has the costumes and accessories children and adults want for halloween and year-around dress up fun


By Tink
Color Name:Black|Size Name:One Size
The hat is almost a perfect replica of V's hat in the movie and is very comfortable to wear. However, the easily-dented felt material and the obvious seam on the ribbon prevent it from looking quite as sharp as I expected. If you plan on wearing this hat with the V mask, the fit may be a little awkward at first--the protruding top of the mask is rather difficult to fit under the hat. Still, it makes for a fantastic Halloween costume!

By Edward Winston
Color Name:Black|Size Name:One Size|Amazon Verified Purchase
Well, I ordered this for two dollars less than the others and am kicking myself for it. There are quite a few downsides to this product.

The first and most noticeable is the packaging. IT comes in a small box with no protection around the hat, and the hat itself is bent to fit into the box. After a few hours of weight on it, i finally got it to bend back into shape.

The second bad part is the way the creases stand out ALOT. The crease from where they bent the hat to fit into the box encircles the hat and is very noticeable.

The third downside is the tag that is attached to the hat. Though it is most likely required by Rubies to have it, it leaves two very nasty holes on the rim.

The final downside is the material used to encircle the hat in the picture is much larger, and is frayed all around. The way it looks is more like a Pilgrim's hat with the buckle removed. It also has a VERY hard time fitting with the mask on.

Overall, I would say save up the money to buy one of the more expensive hats. I

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